Update: Megola Inc CEO Issues Letter to Shareholders

COVID delays now behind; company moving plans forward with EPA, FDA, 3rd Party Product Certifications

Las Vegas, NV, August 10, 2021


Megola Inc. (OTC-PINK:MGON) (the” Company”), is a Consortium Group of Health Technologies and Service Company. Megola, through product and technology acquisitions, has grown to have its own E-commerce Branding Division, Service Department, Licensing Division, Franchise Division all maintaining Megola’s diverse manufactured product portfolios which allows the company to integrate into several vertical sales markets worldwide. Megola controls every aspect from manufacturing to distribution of all the patented, IP product lines giving it the best-case scenario in every competitive market space. Megola’s team oversees all quality controls, product registrations and ensures customer satisfaction along with generating excellent shareholder value and growth. Megola is excited to be able to help the health and well being of people throughout the world in a conscious eco friendly approach. As the world continues to become more “green” focused and a greater emphasis is placed on identifying environmentally sound solutions, Megola will benefit from our unwavering vision of providing superior solutions that support a sustainable future for all.


Dear Megola Shareholders,

Though we left behind our 2020 Year Ending March 31,2021 and emerged as a stronger renewed company that is even more resolute in our dedication to Health and Wellness Technologies. The lingering effects of last year’s challenges have resulted in delays in finalizing the additional acquisitions and some product certifications. But, as the effects of the pandemic are clearing, we are getting extremely excited to make the purchases announced earlier a reality during these next coming quarters.

Previously the Company announced upcoming additional product lines of NEXT GENERATION Antimicrobials including a 90-day Surface/Air Protection, a non-alcohol, non-benzalkonium based 24-hour Hand Purifier, a line of specialty coffees including a CDB blend, Weight loss blend, Libido blend, and an Energy/Wellness blend.
Also discussed was a development of a CBD gum line, infused CBD alcohol spirits line, additional CBD tinctures, creams, and edibles for our Balanced2Day brand line.

Megola Inc. has never lost sight of these commitments to these Health and Wellness product lines. These will be acquired, further developed and added to our Brand lines for retail and also introduced to partnerships for distribution and licensing.

Among other major goals that will set the course of our company we have been in discussions for obtaining and renew of past product lines from Megola Inc. These lines consist of Fire Inhibitors and Antimicrobials for treated wood products (formerly known as RedShield), Fire-Gel for lithium batteries, an Organic Bedbug/Dustmite/Antimicrobial 90-day blend and other fire related products that will be mentioned in future news releases.

Starting this quarter and beyond we want to assure our shareholders and customers that we are fully dedicated to bringing our products to market with outstanding results that make a difference in peoples lives and their environments.

As your CEO, we want to under promise and over deliver and make this world a better place than we found it.

All the best,
Bob Gardiner,
President, CEO
Megola, Inc.


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