UPDATE – Megola Inc. CEO Addresses Shareholders

Company Current, Acquisitions being Finalized

LAS VEGAS, NV, September 8, 2020

Megola Inc., (OTC:MGON); a Consortium Group of Health Technologies and Service Company is pleased to share a letter from new CEO Bob Gardiner.

Dear Shareholders:

First, thank you to all the shareholders that continue to support our Company. Our objective is to increase our Company’s value that will directly reflect our shareholder’s portfolio holdings.  With this in mind, we have spent considerable time and effort in rebuilding and restructuring the Company’s business focus and management as well as eliminating, undoing and removing ourselves from the Company’s predecessors, past developments and associations.  We are assembling an experienced management team that will dedicate themselves to not only increasing Company value, but also introducing new Health technologies that will have long lasting beneficial effects to humanity in general by working alongside our team at Megola Inc.

​Previously announced acquisitions, new technology acquisitions will now be finalized in the coming months and our team will be addressing publicly by way of formal press releases, twitter updates.  It has taken considerable time to co-ordinate such acquisitions, and it has been in the best interest of all parties concerned.

Our company will have social media sites to follow new interests and developments. We will be incorporating several new web sites into a main portal as we re-arrange the acquisitions on hand. We do expect a name and symbol change to be filed shortly to focus all our new endeavors forward along with having our financials audited so we may up list onto the higher OTC market tiers.

We are completely engaged in the success of our Company and believe that the market has yet to fully recognize our value of our Company.  The execution of our strategy and business development growth will have a great impact on how the market will perceive our Company, therefore this will fall on and be the responsibility of our expanding experienced management team to ensure that our strategy and business development is executed.

Sincerely yours,
Robert Gardiner
President & CEO

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