Megola Inc Retains Its Name

Finra has declined to approve application for name and symbol change

BONITA SPRINGS, FL, UNITED STATES, August 22, 2022 / — (OTC-PINK MGON) Megola, Inc. (“MGON”, “Company”), a Consortium Group of Health Technologies and Eco-Friendly Product Lines has received notification on August 15, 2022 that Finra Market Operations will not process the corporate action for a  proposed name and symbol change in reliance on FINRA Rule 6490(d).

The FINRA ruling was due to the company (past management) failing to file certain financial reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission including one Form 10-K and 3 Form 10-Q’s during fiscal 2011 and 2012 prior to voluntarily terminating its public reporting requirements on Form 15. The Company (new management) has been unable to prepare these delinquent reports due to an inability to recover the underlying files for audit, which information is over 10 years old. Despite relaying to FINRA the Company’s position that the delinquent financial reports are immaterial to the Company’s current operations, and that such delinquency does not, in the opinion of management, pose any risk to current or prior investors, in reliance on FINRA Rule 6490 (d), the corporate action has been declined.

“The Company is extremely disappointed with this result but its full speed ahead,” commented CEO Robert Gardiner. “During 2012 FINRA did process a corporate action for Megola despite these delinquent filings which consisted of a 1 for 50 reverse split, which management feels was substantially more impactful to investors than our current request for a name and symbol change, however, management believes an appeal of the recent decision from Finra will not produce a different result.  The Company will file the appropriate documentation with the State of Nevada to return our name to Megola, Inc. and continue operations for the time being under this name.”

RECENTLY acquired product lines:

• 24 hr Hand Purifier (non-alcohol, non-benzalkonium, non-triclosan)
• Eco Surface Spray, Eco Surface/Air Spray
• Organic Bedbug/Dustmite Eco Kill
• Lithium Battery Fire-Gel
• Fire Deterrent Products- DF21 (variations), DF31(variations), DF11e Extinguisher Additive
• Cassava Powder Fire Extinguishant
• Fire Blanket/Smoke Hood Survival Bag
• Fire Extinguishant Super Absorbent Pellets
• ClearShield Wood Treatment (fire, mold, mildew, water repellant)

List of MedeSol Global Inc. LOI Product Lines

“ProtekSol” SiO2 Technologies Referred to as Liquid Glass, is based on Silicon Dioxide (SiO2)
Hard Surfaces: Protects, Waterproofs & Keeps Surfaces Cleaner Longer
    a. Metal
    b. Stone
    c. Plastic, Sunglasses
    d. Glass – Cell Phones

2) Textiles: Waterproofs & Protects from UV damage
    a. Clothing
    b. Medical garments, bedding
    c. Furniture & Mattresses
    d. Industrial: Canvas, Tents

MedeSol Technologies

Persistent disinfection in Medical & Commercial/Industrial applications.
These “highly effective” & “safe to use” anti-microbial solutions are proven to quickly neutralize the most “difficult to Kill” Viruses & Bacteria months after application on most surfaces!

1) Odor Control: Eliminates Organic Odors with no Smell or Perfumes
    a. Pet, Home, Auto, Commercial, etc.

2) Food Security
    a. Extends life of produce from field to market
    b. Deodorizes home and commercial refrigerators while extending life of produce

3) Persistent Surface Disinfectants

4) MedeSol + ProtekSol + Super Absorbent Polymers (SAPs):
Creates very cost effective, safe, odorless and anti-microbial “revolutionary” products:
    a. Diapers & Feminine Hygiene Products: Eliminates Odors, Prevents enzymes from creating ammonia, Anti-microbial, Safe
    b. Absorbent Pads for Home & Hospital: Eliminates odors, Anti-microbial
    c. Bio-Hazard Spill Pads & Granules: Neutralizes bacteria & viruses while cleaning up spills


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