Megola Inc. CEO Letter to Shareholders

Acquisitions to Boost Revenue

Megola, Inc. (OTCMKTS:MGON)

BONITA SPRINGS, FL, UNITED STATES, May 11, 2022 — Megola Inc. (OTC-PINK MGON) Megola, Inc. (“MGON”, “Company”), is a Consortium Group of Health Technologies and Ecofriendly Product Lines. Megola, through product and technology acquisitions, has grown to have its own E-commerce Branding Division, Service Department, Licensing Division, Franchise Division all maintaining Megola’s diverse manufactured product portfolios which allows the company to integrate into several vertical sales markets worldwide. Megola controls every aspect from manufacturing to distribution of all the patented, IP product lines giving it the best-case scenario in every competitive market space. Megola’s team oversees all quality controls, product registrations and ensures customer satisfaction along with generating excellent shareholder value and growth. Megola is excited to be able to help the health and well-being of people throughout the world in a conscious eco-friendly approach. As the world continues to become more “green”-focused and a greater emphasis is placed on identifying environmentally sound solutions, Megola will benefit from our unwavering vision of providing superior solutions that support a sustainable future for all.

Dear Megola Shareholders,

Since our March 31st, 2021-Year End, our company has made a transition to become one of the most dynamic and innovative businesses in health and wellness technologies. Two acquisitions that have been finalized (Supply Agreement with RBG Wholesale offering a full line of health and wellness coffee blends and an agreement with MedeSol SIO2 for Seed Protect coating) and 2 more major purchases that are to be completed in the next month will have a great impact on Megola’s mission to increase our offerings which would include patenting and licensing technologies to companies with worldwide distribution capabilities, with Megola overseeing the manufacturing process.

On March 18th, 2022, the Company entered into a Letter of Intent to purchase intellectual product lines from Medesol Global Inc. with the due diligence period ending April 18th, 2022. On March 28th, 2022, Megola signed a Letter of Intent with GS Capital Blends that will be completed April 28th, 2022. These 2 acquisitions will bring the Company immediate revenue with pending orders for several products listed in the agreements. We will be launching a 24-hour hand purifier and a Seed Protect coating in the next month; both are environment-friendly and effective next generation product lines.

We are also working on market penetration by amassing a team of experts in all relevant spheres. During the last quarter Megola named 4 members to its Advisory Board that provide many years of indispensable experience in marketing, science, and technology. The new members include Mark Pacchini, Bruce Johnston, Prof. Jeffery Williams and Simon Johnston. “All of our new Advisory Board members bring a unique perspective and invaluable intelligence resources in all related sectors — from Science to Marketing, thus enhancing Megola’s stable of emerging products that will increase shareholder value”, states CEO Bob Gardiner.

Next, in the coming months Megola has planned further expansion of its portfolio to include fire inhibitors and antimicrobials for treated wood products, a new and exciting product — Fire-Gel for lithium batteries as well as an Organic Bedbug/Dustmite/ Antimicrobial 90-day blend.

We want to assure all our shareholder base that over the last 2 difficult years of lockdowns and virus outbreaks, we have not stopped working to make 2022 a great year for our customers, staff and shareholders everywhere. Megola is totally committed to deliver exceptional products and services globally with next generation products that would make a difference in people’s lives and environments.

All the best,
Bob Gardiner,
President, CEO
Megola, Inc.

Megola Signs LOI with Medesol Global LLC
Megola Signs LOI with GS Capital Blends LLC
Megola Adds 4 Key Members to Advisory Board Positions

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