Update: Megola CEO Issues Letter to Shareholders

Anticipating an Exciting 2021

LAS VEGAS, NV. December 21, 2020 Megola, Inc. (OTCPINK:MGON) (the “Company”), a Consortium Group of Health Technologies and Services Company issues shareholder letter from CEO Robert Gardiner.


Dear Megola Shareholders,

As 2020 is rolling to an end, we wanted to look back on this challenging, yet extraordinary, year to take stock of what we have achieved and to set new milestones.

This year, Megola, Inc. has emerged as a renewed OTC current company with a brand-new executive management team, new board of directors and revised company authorized shares and  preferred classes  for current and future acquisitions so no reverse of common shares would be required to move company forward  

Though 2020 has been strenuous, it highlighted yet again one of the greatest and most valuable assets we can have as humans – health. Health, wellness and safety have been on the forefront of our work this year – Megola Inc, has finalized acquisitions of “Balance2Day”, a premium hemp extract products company, and SCAR Capital, a health technology company, and we have introduced product lines to help combat the impact of the Covid -19 pandemic. Megola offers both a portable multi-purpose ozone generator for Surface Disinfecting/Deodorizing/Sanitizing and Air Quality control ‘Stink Genie’ and a CBD product line “Balanced2Day (B2D)” for Health and Wellness that can help alleviate potential long-term effects of Covid-19 infection.

Health and wellness are going to be a cornerstone of our work in the year to come. New horizons are being set for quality, efficiency and delivery mechanisms of health products. Megola, Inc. will be offering a spectrum of consumable product lines, health and technology products and inventory is currently available and for sale on Megola’s e-commerce sites.

Among new and exciting offerings Megola, Inc. will be rolling out a line of premium coffee products in 2021 with health benefits which will include weight loss, energy, increase in libido as well as CBD coffee.

Considering worldwide need for higher standards of cleaning and disinfection for businesses, public sector and personal use, our 2021 plans also include introducing a new line of disinfectants/sanitizers for hands, surface/air applications. This line of disinfectants/sanitizers will offer increased, longer-lasting protection through the use of non toxic Siquat technologies. All disinfectant/ sanitizing product lines will follow FDA and EPA safety protocol. 

While the world is increasingly moving towards safe, contact-free delivery methods, we are planning on integrating all our product lines in a new e-commerce website providing easy access for consumers.

As we look into the new year, we want to assure our shareholders that we are fully dedicated to bringing our plans to life, to make our world a better, safer and healthier place.

As your CEO, you have my commitment of progress and bringing shareholder value, and making this world a better place than we found it in 2020.

All the best,
Bob Gardiner,
President, CEO
Megola, Inc.

For more information on CBD line: www.balanced2day.com

For more information on stink genie and antimicrobials: www.megolacorp.com

Outstanding Shares            196,095,060

Certificates Outstanding      23,097,844

Common Shares Float        172,997,216

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