Megola Acquires Revolutionary Durable Odor Control Coatings from Medesol Global LLC

Consists of patented product lines for Revolutionary durable coatings with persistent anti-microbial and odor control properties 

Megola, Inc. (OTCMKTS:MGON)

BONITA SPRINGS, FL, UNITED STATES, February 6, 2023 — Megola Inc. (OTC-PINK MGON) is a Consortium Group of Health Technologies and Eco-Friendly Product Lines has signed a definitive agreement regarding Purchase, License of Patents, Product Lines, Manufacturing and Other Specified Assets of Medesol Global LLC.

“Cannot even express how big this will be for our company. Acquiring these new groundbreaking product patented technologies from Medesol and our management team working hand in hand with our new partners will expand all our product sales to global markets”, states CEO Robert Gardiner.

Major Breakthrough for Odor control for personal hygiene products

Megola Advisory board member, Prof. Jeffrey F. Williams Ph.D comments:

The need for odor control in the use of personal hygiene products such as incontinence diapers is a serious and growing problem in the ageing adult population in the US. Yet no innovative technologies to overcome malodor have ever been introduced in this product category, despite how important it is for the quality of life of people affected.

Now all that is about to change as a result of arecent breakthrough in the chemical processing of an important component of the absorptive core used in incontinence garments, as well as in feminine hygiene pads and infant diapers. Globally about three million metric tonnes of superabsorbent polymer granules (SAP) are used each year in the manufacture of these absorptive cores, all for the purpose of soaking up fluids. For the first time it’s become possible to modify these SAP’s on an industrial scale so as to enable them to
neutralize malodors in a unique and powerful way.

The simple, economical process is covered in a US patent application (filed in 2022), and Megola holds exclusive rights to commercialization of the invention for the American continent. While 85% of SAP worldwide goes into infant diapers, almost all the remaining portion gets used in incontinence and feminine hygiene devices. The total global market for products that incorporate SAP exceeds $100B per year.

Key products:
• Household Care • Household Disinfectants • Food Preservation • Pet Care • Automotive
• Commercial and Industrial Odor Control • Air Filtration
• Personal hygiene (underarm, foot odor products, adult & baby diapers)

Includes raw materials valued at $76,144.

Medesol Global has been compensated with 25,000 Restricted Pfd D shares with stated value of $10 per share and $25,000 cash payment for inventory.


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